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One Solution Philosophy

Protech Home Medical is focused on simplifying and improving the home management of chronic illness. By removing barriers and creating one easy solution for several chronic conditions, Protech Home Medical liberates patients from extensive travel times, tedious appointments, and redundant experiences. Through streamlined distribution and telehealth systems Protech Home Medical aims to improve the patient process one barrier at a time.

Daily & Ambulatory Aides

With a wide variety of products for independent living and mobility, Quipt Home Medical is a leading provider of daily living aids. We offer a wide range of simple and practical aids for everyday...

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Power Mobility

Quipt Home Medical is committed to offering a wide variety of complex power wheelchair options, each incorporating specific items and components to address your specific needs.  Whether it be...

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Respiratory Equipment Rental

Quipt Home Medical takes pride in making sure every piece of medical equipment we rent is maintained to the highest quality standards. From BiPAP and CPAP machines to Oxygen...

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Oxygen Therapy

Recent studies have shown an aggressive increase in the utilization of oxygen among COPD patients. With this increase of over 15% in just a few years alongside the growth of other disease states the...

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Sleep Apnea & PAP Treatment

In the past 25 years the number of sleep apnea patients in the United States have increased rapidly with some studies putting the figures as high as a 70% increase over this period...

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Home Ventilation

Quipt Home Medical specializes in the provision of ventilator equipment and aids. PHM enables the ventilator-dependent patient to have as much normalcy as possible in their life while still...

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Equipment Solutions

With obesity and its serious array of comorbidities on the rise such as COPD, the need for medical equipment has never been so apparent. Coupled with an increasing number of elderly patients in...

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